Feedback Management

At Stalford Academy, we value your feedback and welcome any suggestions that you may have for us to enhance our service quality and standards. To ensure that we make the most out of your valuable feedback, Stalford Academy adopts a closed-loop feedback management system to gather and address all feedback and complaints received from all students, staff, and the public.

Stalford Academy is committed to arrive at a resolution for all feedback regarding grievances and disputes within 21 working days. All feedback received shall be acknowledged, investigated and evaluated for follow-up action. Any action taken shall be recorded and made known to the person giving the feedback if the complainant identifies himself or herself and leave behind his/her contact details.

If the complaint is not resolved amicably, or if the student is dissatisfied with the outcome, or if a resolution is not arrived at during this stipulated period of time, Stalford Academy shall refer our students and/or parents to the CPE Student Services Centre, the Small Claims Tribunal, or the CPE approved dispute resolution centres (the Singapore Mediation Centre and the Singapore Institute of Arbitrators) for further assistance. Kindly refer to our Dispute Resolution Policy for more information.

To ensure that all feedback and complaints get to us, here at Stalford, we strive to make it as convenient as possible for you to channel your concerns to us. Feedback forms can easily be retrieved from the reception, or alternatively, you can choose to raise your concerns to us through email or even through tele-conversation. Whichever way you prefer, we would be glad to hear from you. Please refer to our Contact Us page for our contact details.

Stalford Academy will regularly seek feedback from its key stakeholders and external partners for continual improvement in its operations and partnerships. Feedback and complaints received will be analysed, and will serve as inputs for our review process and continual improvement.

In particular:

  • All feedback and complaints received will be recorded. This includes any feedback received via formal or informal (verbal), complaint forms, website, overseas offices and any other mass media.
  • All feedbacks and complaints received will be directed to the Quality & OE Manager.
  • Feedback and complaint records shall be submitted to the CPE annually.