Service Quality Targets

At Stalford Academy, we are committed to upkeep and constantly better the standards of the services we render our students. We aim to provide our students with quality education programs and student services that will create a conducive and pleasant environment for them to complete their holistic learning experience. To ensure that we meet the changing needs of our student population, the Academy always seek feedback from its students and subsequently implement new initiatives to improve its services by going an extra mile to offer service standards beyond expectations. As part of our commitment to students like you, here at Stalford, we aim to achieve the following service quality targets.

Quality assurance

Various policies have been put in place to keep the delivery of quality service by the Academy in check, as well as to maintain and improve on the standards of educational services as well. These policies provide the necessary quality assurance by the Academy to its students.

Teaching staff recruitment

All of the Academy’s teaching staff are being carefully selected through an extremely stringent process, as part of the Academy’s adopted pedagogy to integrate the curriculum with actual quality teaching. All of our teachers are also registered with the Committee for Private Education, in addition to possessing exemplary qualifications, competency and the requisite experience to deliver the courses. The Committee for Private Education (CPE) is part of SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG).

Teaching staff training and evaluation

The teaching staff are constantly being assessed and evaluated through regular teacher evaluation sessions to ensure that these teachers are aware of the changes in course syllabus and requirements. Training is also provided to our teaching staff to ensure that their teaching methodologies are aligned to the school’s espoused pedagogy.

Course reviews

The curriculum of our courses are specially designed and tailored to the needs of our students to ensure that the expected learning outcomes are being imparted to them. The designed curriculum is also constantly subjected to reviews and revisions to keep it parallel to the latest changes in syllabus while also taking into account the suggestions and feedback from our students.

Service staff skills training and upgrading

The Academy’s administrative and customer service staff undergo regular trainings and upgrading programs to renew their know-how on providing frontline services, thereby ensuring that they always deliver the best services to all of the Academy’s students. Frequent reviews are also being performed to keep the service standards of these frontline staff in check by ensuring their professionalism and on-task attitude in the process of service delivery.

Facility and equipment maintenance

At Stalford Academy, we believe that a positive learning experience is often associated with the conduciveness of the learning environment. In ensuring that we provide such conduciveness in the learning environment provided to our students, we conduct regular inspections and surveillance on all common facilities and equipments in the Academy to make sure that these facilities are being maintained at its best. Furthermore, where necessary, the Academy will revamp and upgrade its facilities accordingly to provide its students with the best learning outcomes.


The Academy seeks to achieve utmost credibility and consistency in all of its representations in the form of publicity materials including, but not limited to its brochures and website. Appropriate and relevant policies, such as refund, transfer and withdrawal policies are being put in place in the event of cancellation, non-completion, termination of course or breach of the Standard Student Contract.