Certificate in General English

Stalford Academy - Xia Fan

Xia Fan, from Jiangsu, China

Completed second year of High School
Course Taken: Certificate in General English Intermediate
Date Joined: September 2011
Took IELTS in Dec 2011 (Scored 7 points on first attempt)
Current Status: Student at Stalford Academy (Preparatory Course for Singapore-Cambridge GCE A Level Examination)

“I decided to come to Singapore to study as I felt it would be easier for me to feel settled here as compared to America. Singapore universities are one of the top few universities in the world hence I wish to obtain an A level certificate so that I can proceed to study in one of them!

After comparing the different institutions through the web, I chose to study in Stalford Academy instead of other private schools as the school shines in many aspects. Also, the learning environment in Stalford Academy seems more conducive.

I wasn’t afraid when I first came to Singapore as there are a lot of Chinese students here. Furthermore, the staff at Stalford Academy did a great job in welcoming us. Josephine is very endearing and she’s genuinely concern with the welfare of international students. My parents can also put their hearts at ease knowing that I am in good hands.

Teachers at Stalford Academy are very experienced. As most of the subjects in China are taught in Chinese, most students have difficulty transiting from learning in Chinese to doing so in English. My teachers spent conscientious effort to help us get used to learning in English and this is definitely greatly appreciated by us!

My Math teacher, Mr Teh, is very passionate about the subject and he arouses our interests by  giving very clear, detailed yet concise explanations in his teachings. My GP teacher, Mr Tam, also gives us a lot of tips on how to improve our English. Learning English has never been easier!

Thank you Stalford Academy, for providing us with the opportunity to study in Singapore!”

Stalford Academy - Xue Hao Yue

Xue Haoyue, from Jiangsu, China

Completed second year of High School
Course Taken: Certificate in General English Intermediate
Date Joined: September 2011
Took IELTS in Dec 2011 (Scored 7 points on first attempt)
Admitted into Nanyang Technological University, Civil Engineering, 2012

“I chose to come to Singapore to study as I feel that Singapore’s education system is better. The knowledge I have gained in Singapore is more applicable to everyday life.  Also, this would be the perfect opportunity to train myself to be independent.

As much as I wanted to learn under a western education system, I decided on Singapore instead of other countries as Singapore’s education system is an amalgamation between the East and the West. In my opinion, transition to Singapore’s system from China will not be as difficult.

I also decided on Stalford Academy as the school is managed by Singaporeans and not Chinese, unlike other private schools. Hence, I would get a wider exposure to how it is like to be living in Singapore.

When I first arrive in Singapore in September 2011, I was a little apprehensive since I was in a new environment and I’m not confident if I could communicate well in English. However, Stalford helped me in settling down in Singapore and create a homely and warm environment. For example, the school would treat us to Moon cakes during Mid-Autumn festival. Since there are a lot of other students from my homeland at Stalford, I have grown to feel comfortable as well.

Stalford Academy’s administrative staff and teachers are very dedicated to their jobs. They are also very willing to put in extra effort to mark and correct my mistakes in the extra assignments that I do.

When I first came to Singapore, I wasn’t very fluent in English. The subjects in China were taught in Chinese and the vocabularies taught in our English lessons back then were not very useful either. Since subjects are taught in English in Singapore, I’ve gained a better command of English through my daily conversations. Not only am I more fluent now, my GP teacher, Mr Tam,  also trains us to think critically too. He introduces novel and interesting concepts to allow us to ponder after lessons. He is very knowledgeable and friendly and he often motivates us to study. Thank you, Mr Tam, for always going the extra mile to help us.

Thank you Stalford Academy, for providing us with a stimulating environment for intellectual and personal growth. Thank you too, for providing us with very capable teachers who have genuine passion for teaching and who are very dedicated to help us improve!”

Stalford Academy - Zhang Yu Wei

Zhang Yuwei, from Jiangsu, China

Course Taken: Certificate in General English Intermediate
Date Joined: September 2011
Took IELTS in Dec 2011 (Scored 7 points on first attempt)
Current Status: Student at Stalford Academy (Preparatory Course for Singapore-Cambridge GCE A Level Examination)

“The English lessons provided under Stalford Academy’s A level course had prepared me sufficiently for the comprehension and essay component of the General Paper. The teachers gave us notes and information about several topics, and guided us to think critically and form our own ideas through discussion. At the same time, they taught us the exam techniques required, such developing tenable ideas supported with proper examples,by going through A-level past years’ questions.

Initially, it was a little difficult switching from learning in Chinese to English. Thankfully, Stalford offered us a three months’ English course directed specifically at the mastery of the language. Stalford teachers believe in interactive learning and encourages us to speak English more often.

Studying for A levels was not easy.  We had to put in a lot of effort. Stalford gave us a lot of mock papers and continual assessments to simulate A level conditions so that we can get used to managing our time and exam stress properly. After the papers, the teachers would highlight the common mistakes and pitfalls of students along with correcting our answering techniques. At any given opportunity, the teachers would also recap the more complex topics to deepen our understanding of it.

During my time in Stalford, they had taught me to be confident of my abilities yet humble at the same time as there were a lot more things that I do not know about and a lot more things more me to learn. They taught me to be ambitious, to dream big, but to be realistic as well. Hence, I was able to handle my interview with NTU before I was offered a place in Civil Engineering.

I understand that University education would not be the same as pre-university education.  I have to be more independent and take responsibility for my own learning and Stalford had prepared me exactly for that. The teachers have trained me to do research on my own so that I can discover and form my own ideas. They have also taught me to keep an open mind, to be positive, to never give up and to cherish every opportunity present to gain new knowledge. More importantly, Stalford had taught me to think critically.

Stalford did not only teach us what the A level syllabus required of us, they taught us how to learn independently too. We were encouraged to ask questions, to be diligent and to maximize the use of our spare time.”

Certificate in General English

Zhong Zixuan, from Hunan, China

Course Taken: Certificate in General English Elementary
Date Joined:
July 2011
Posted to Zhangde Primary School, Primary 5, 2012

My foundation in English in was very, very weak. Besides the alphabet, I knew next to nothing about English! I could neither speak properly not comprehend what others were saying if they spoke too fast. My vocabulary was limited and half the time, I didn’t understand what my exam questions were expecting for me. Learning a language from scratch was a daunting task but thankfully, my teachers were very patient with me.

My English teacher, was very humorous and his lessons were never boring. He made English less intimidating and though I was struggling with the language, I still managed to have fun while learning it!

I can confidently say that I made tremendous improvements. From knowing only the alphabets a few  months ago, to being able to pass a primary 5 English examination, I really have to thank my Stalford teachers for their unwavering support and kind guidance!”