Entering Singapore

International students should take note of the following and make appropriate arrangements prior to arrival, for a fuss-free entry into Singapore.

1. Documents required for Student’s Pass

All documents are to be original and translated. Students may visit www.ica.gov.sg to download the ICA Student Application Form V36 and Form 16.

Applicant’s Documents

  • Birth Certificate (translated or notarised copy if it is not in English)
  • Data Page of Passport
  • 1 recent passport-sized colour photograph (plain white background, showing all facial features clearly)
  • Highest Qualification Certificate and Transcripts (translated or notarised copy if it is not in English)
  • Change-of-Name Deed Poll (if any, translated or notarised copy if it is not in English)

Parents’ Documents

  • Data Page of Passports
  • Parents’ letters of employment (Letter should state date of commencement, designation and salary per month)
  • Proof of financial ability, in the form of bank statements/fixed deposit accounts/savings

2. Immigration and Checkpoints Authority Regulations

All students with a Student’s Pass are to meet all of the following requirements:

  • A student must attend a minimum of 90% of scheduled course hours or not be absent from the course for 7 consecutive days.
  • A student should spend on average 5 hours in school per day, attending classes and tutorials, participating in enrichment activities and performing self-study.
  • A student must not engage in any form of activities which may contravene the stipulated conditions (including those stated In the student’s Pass application form, In-Principle Approval letter and Student’s Pass Card) upon which a Student’s Pass is issued (e.g. illegal employment).
  • A student must not remain in Singapore without the authority after the expiry of the Student’s Pass. Stalford will inform the ICA of his/her means and date of departure.
  • A student is permitted to attend the course only after the approval of the Student’s Pass has been given by the ICA.
  • A student must not be retained as a student in any other school(s) or course(s) other than the one indicated in the Student’s Pass.
  • A student must surrender the Student’s Pass for cancellation within seven days from the date if cessation or termination of his/her studies or course(s).
3. Security Deposit

All international students are expected to pay a Security Deposit upon being granted entry into Singapore and acceptance by a Private School with 1-year EduTrust (Provisional) Award. The amount will vary according to the student’s nationality. If Security Deposit is required, it would be indicated in the IPA letter to the applicant. The amount of Security Deposit (if required) will be furnished in the form of a Banker’s Guarantee as listed in the table below.

*Form of Security Deposit
Rate Per Person
Bangladesh, People’s Republic of China, Myanmar & India Banker’s Guarantee from any Established Bank in Singapore
Indonesia, Philippines & Thailand Banker’s Guarantee from any Established Bank in Singapore

* Please refer to SSG’s website for more details: https://www.ssg.gov.sg/cpe/student-services/student-resources/student-advisories/security-deposit-in-the-form-of-banker-s-guarantee-for-international-students.html.

Applicants are not required to furnish a Security Deposit if they are:

  • Nationals from Malaysia and Brunei;
  • Holders of valid Dependant’s Pass, Long Term Visit Pass and Work Pass;
  • Children/Spouse of Singapore Citizens /Permanent Residents ;
  • Foreign students who attend a full-time course at an approved PEO that is awarded the 4 years EduTrust Star/EduTrust status;
  • Foreign students who pursue a full-time university degree (Graduate/Post-Graduate) programme, except for the University of London (UOL) tuition programme, at an approved PEO; and
  • Below 16 years old at the point of application