1. Is Stalford Academy accredited and registered at the appropriate government regulation authorities?

Yes, Stalford Academy is officially registered with the Centre for Private Education (CPE), Singapore which authorizes the operations of private education institutions locally. The Academy has also attained the mandatory CPE-Enhance Registration Framework (CPE-ERF) that requires all legally established private institutions to meet the minimum requirements and legislative obligations spelt out by CPE. The Academy is also in the process of renewing its EduTrust license that recognizes outstanding providers of private education committed to upkeeping superior standards.

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2. Why should I choose Stalford Academy?

The Academy can be distinguished from other private education institutions for its:

  • Trusted Management Team,
  • Committed Academic Team,
  • Track Record,
  • Holistic Pedagogy, and
  • Accreditations

Beyond these 5 reasons, the academic success achieved by many of our students is a testament of Stalford Academy’s commitment to deliver quality education while grooming our students holistically – an educational experience that you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

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3. Does the Academy provide any facilities and resources for its students? Are these resources free of charge?

The Academy believes in creating a conducive environment for students so as to complement their learning experience. As such, common facilities and resources within the Academy’s premises such as the library, multimedia resources, and wireless internet access are all provided to students at no cost to enhance their learning.

4. Will there be a refund of deposit and payment should I withdraw from the course prior to completion?

Please refer to our refund, transfer and withdrawal policies for more specific details.

5. Will there be any make up lesson in any case of absence?

There will not be any replacement lesson(s) arranged for the students in any case of absence. The onus is on students to be responsible for their own learning and to catch up with the curriculum. However, we do encourage our students to make personal appointments with their teachers to review the lesson. Also, students should note that they would need to submit their medical certificate in cases of absence owing to medical reasons. As there is a minimum attendance requirement before a student is allowed to graduate from the course, failure to comply with the submission of medical certificate as evidence to validate their absence may result in undesirable consequences.