Why Study in Singapore?

There is hardly any better place than Singapore to enjoy world class education, only so, because of the immense importance and accentuation that the local government renders to it. In fact, the Singapore government spends nearly one-fifth of the annual budget each year on education related expenditure. The emphasis on the importance of education is further echoed by the local climate which promotes excellence. Such an environment may somewhat appear to be challenging at times, but there is no doubting that this rigorous education system provides a stimulating environment to push you to challenge your limits, and eventually emerge an all rounder – versatile and adaptable – ready to enter the workforce.

The Singapore education system also follows closely to that of the British, which has a robust educational qualification system that is widely accepted by education institutes worldwide. As such, students can be assured of a competitive edge against their global counterparts should they wish to pursue higher education in other student friendly countries such as the United Kingdom, Australia, or USA. Additionally, the bilingual (English and Mother Tongue) language policy put in place, places a great deal of focus on the English language which will make picking up the language a much simpler task than it appears.

As a student in Singapore, you will also be immersed in a setting of diverse cultures and rich heritage which will form a significant part of your distinctive experience here. Apart from the unique social fabric, the cosmopolitan city which is home to many expatriates and international students, will provide a dynamic and exciting backdrop to not just learn, but to also garner a global network of friends.
The fast growing economy and the mounting demand for professionals have also opened up numerous job opportunities to students studying in Singapore.

Overall, with an internationally acclaimed education system and a modern, cosmopolitan environment, students can definitely look forward to enjoying a truly rewarding and fulfilling educational and cultural experience in Singapore.