Vision, Mission, Core Values & Culture


Deliver quality education to learners from all walks of life.


Nurture students to be globally responsible active lifelong learners and enable everyone to find expression to their fullest potential.



We are fully committed to the careful and responsible management of Stalford Academy; always dedicated to bringing Stalford Academy and our students to greater heights.


We are committed to succeeding as an organisation. We highly value our staff and their unique talents. We show appreciation for one another’s commitments and contributions to deliver quality education.

Accountability & Integrity

We pledge to be responsible for our decisions and actions. We will be honest and truthful in our conduct, sustaining fairness in our practices.

Learning for Life

We believe that learning is a lifelong process. We strive to inculcate a passion for learning amongst our students and staff to help achieve their maximum potential.

Fostering Friendships

We promise to be trustworthy learning partners, striving to create a warm and friendly learning environment.

Open Communications

We actively and openly communicate with our customers, students and staff to promote mutual understanding.

Respect for Individuals

We promise to give our customers, students and staff the highest degree of respect, and believe that every student has the potential to achieve their goals.

Determination to Succeed

We will put in our best effort to motivate our students and staff to strive for excellence.


Stalford Academy exercises stewardship over our students. We deliver quality education by ensuring access to quality teachers, providing use of quality learning tools, and establishing a safe and conducive quality learning environment. Students and staff can foster friendships and openly communicate with respect for individuals. We nurture our students to be active lifelong learners, embracing learning for life with the determination to succeed through accountability, integrity and teamwork.